Natural electronic water treatment system for pool, spa and pond

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About NewTS

NewTS stands for Natural Electronic Water Treatment System. Check out the reasons why the latter makes the difference compare to other water sanitization systems

Fish Pond

Healthy and ecological

NewTS is a sanitization system which kills bacteria and algae while preserving your health and nature. Ideal for swimming pools, spa, fountains and fish ponds.

Efficient and easy maintenance

Thanks to its computing algorithm, NewTS automatically adapts to your water’s properties. Hydroxygene and copper ions dispensed by the electrodes treat your water as Nature would do. The embedded Wifi connection allows you to control the system remotely from anywhere in the world.
Low cost

Low cost, high warranty

No more chlorine, bromine or other expensive chemical to buy. Return on investment can be reached within 3 years. Only the copper electrodes, cheap and easy to replaced by yourself, need to be changed every one or two years according to the use. As any other system, you must maintain your pool clean with the right PH!
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NewTS features

Check out below the NewTS detailed features


By releasing in water only natural components, NewTS system is guaranteed to be harmless for swimmers and ecological for the environment.
Because the water does not contain chlorine, salt or other chemicals it does not smell and NewTS is therefore ideal for indoor pools and spas.
The chlorine levels recommended for swimming pools are often misguided and excessive. Repeated exposure to common chlorine levels can lead to a host of complications. Chlorine is known to boost the risk of asthma and allergies.
People and especially children having asthma or dermatological problems such as eczema will be relieved to bathe in a water free of chemicals and soft as silk.


Copper has been used for centuries because of its disinfecting properties. The Vikings used copper ropes on their boats to prevent the growth of algae and shellfish. Modern boats always use this same process.
Well water containing copper parts is very clear due to the disinfecting effect of this metal. The copper-silver ionization is used in many applications and becomes popular when NASA used this ionization process for the production of water for consumption on board Apollo capsules in 1960. Nowadays, copper-silver ionization is used by water bottling and recycling companies throughout the United States.
Because of its specific properties, copper ionization is recommended for disinfecting fish ponds.

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The key process indicators are display within a graphical interface accessible from any device having wifi capacity (Personal computer, mobile phone or tablet).
Even if you have no connection to Internet from your place you can connect to the provided NewTS access point to control your NewTS device.
This interface is also used to enter your home Wifi access point credential in order to switch to Cloud mode, offering the best user experience.

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NewTS is a very energy-efficient device that consumes less than one quarter of a standard 60 Watt lamp bulb.
The device is connected in parallel with the pump and run only when the pump is activated.

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Principle of operation of NewTS

See how NewTS clean your pool water

The system is energized as the pump unit starts, allowing the water at the pump outlet to be charged with copper ions and oxygen. The cumulative action of copper and oxygen rids water of 99% of pathogens and algae.

Principle of operation

The system is energized as the pump unit starts, allowing the water at the pump outlet to be charged with copper ions and oxygen. The cumulative action of copper and oxygen rids water of 99% of pathogens and algae.

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